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General Papers

Improving Teaching Evaluation using Text Mining
Zhiyong Zhang
MCMC bootstrap based approach to power/sample size evaluation
Oleksandr Mykolayovich Ocheredko
A statistical analysis of Chinese stock returns
Yuancheng Si
Modified maximum likelihood estimators for logistic distribution using ranked set samples
Zili Zhang
On the Estimation with Factor Analysis in High Dimensional Settings
Kentaro Hayashi
Comparing Regression-Based and Structural Equation Modeling Based Approaches for Conditional Process Analysis
Wai Chan
A Structural Equation Modeling approach to Reliability Analysis When Data Are Items Having Different Numbers of Ordered Categories
Seohyun Kim, Laura Lu, Allan Cohen
VBTree Tutorial: Automatic Completion of Group Operation on Structural Dataset
Pivot analysis in weighted linear regression
Yuancheng Si
A General Bayesian Model-Based Imputation Approach for Multilevel Models with Non-linear Effects: A Sequential Approach
Han Du, Craig Enders
An evaluation of statistical differential analysis methods in single-cell RNA-seq data
Dongmei Li
A Nonparametric Multivariate Statistical Process Control Chart Based on Change Point Model
Yafei Xu
New Social Media Sampling Strategy: An Exploratory Study using Non-API methods for Social Data Extraction
Karl Ho
Extension of Biplot Methodology to Multivariate Regression Analysis
Opeoluwa F OYEDELE
WeibullR an R Package for Weibull Analysis for Reliability Engineering
David Silkworth
Carlos Rafael Sebrango Rodríguez, Lizet Sánchez Valdés, Ziv Shkedy, Vivian Sistachs Vega
Extension of Biplot Methodology to Multivariate Regression Analysis
Opeoluwa F OYEDELE
Exploring spatio-temporal patterns of air quality index data in China
haokun tang, yulin xie, binbin lu
A Bayesian Estimation of Deaths and Damages in Major Cyclones, Famine and Floods in Bangladesh
Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan, Mahmuda Jahan
A New Partition-Based Goodness-of-fit Test for Logistic Regression Models with Continuous Covariates
Peng Lu
A non-parametric model to address overdispersed count response in a longitudinal data setting with missingness
Hui Zhang
Mediation Analysis for Complex Surveys with Balanced Repeated Replications
Yujiao Mai
Prospect Theory and Stock Returns: A Test for Trading Behavior of Individual VS. Institutional Investors
Xiaoling Zhong, Junbo Wang
Evaluating informative hypotheses using the Bayes factor
Xin Gu
Latent Variable Regression by Partial Least Squares and Four Other Composite Scores: Consistency, Bias and Correction
Ke-Hai Yuan, Yong Wen, Jiashan Tang
A Slice Inverse Regression Algorithm Based on k-Medoids Clustering
Jiashan Tang
On the number of components in mixture model based on EM algorithm
Yanglu Zhao
Comparing Three MASEM Approaches to Quantifying or Explaining Between-Study Heterogeneity in SEM Parameters
Zijun Ke
A Review of Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with an Application on Teaching Evaluation
Wen Qu
Advances of Social Network Analysis in Psychological Sciences
Haiyan Liu
Latent growth curve models with VAR residuals for longitudinal mediation analysis
Xiao Liu
A Regularized Method for Parameters Selection in Structural Equation Model
Chengfang Zhu
Correlation Analysis between Tourism Development, Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions: A Comparative Analysis Based on Six Provinces in the Central China
Zhibiao Wang
A More Accurate Estimator of Multiple Correlation Coefficient
Lu Peng, Bingjiang Li
A Structural Equation Modeling approach to Multilevel Reliability Analysis
Laura Lu, Minju Hong, Seohyun Kim
Estimation of Multilevel Time Series Longitudinal Data
Laura Lu, Zhiyong Zhang


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