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2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Bayesian Estimation of Deaths and Damages in Major Cyclones, Famine and Floods in Bangladesh Abstract
Md Hasinur Rahaman Khan, Mahmuda Jahan
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A Bayesian imputation-based sensitivity analysis procedure for unmeasured confounding in mediation analysis Abstract
Xiao Liu
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A comparative study on predictability of component-based approaches to structural equation modeling Abstract
Gyeongcheol Cho, Heungsun Hwang
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A confidence interval of noncentrality compatible with test of a point null Abstract
Hao Wu
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A data science approach for integrating water-related social media, population, and administrative data to reduce health disparities Abstract
Cheng Wang, Richard J. Smith, Shawn P. McElmurry, Paul E. Kilgore
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A dynamic and automated content analysis of the depression concept among Chinese netizens: from 2012 to 2019 Abstract
Mengxin He, Hongyun Liu
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A General Bayesian Model-Based Imputation Approach for Multilevel Models with Non-linear Effects: A Sequential Approach Abstract
Han Du, Craig Enders
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A Monte Carlo confidence interval method for testing measurement invariance Abstract
Hui Li, Hongyun Liu
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A More Accurate Estimator of Multiple Correlation Coefficient Abstract
Lu Peng, Bingjiang Li
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A New Partition-Based Goodness-of-fit Test for Logistic Regression Models with Continuous Covariates Abstract
Peng Lu
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A non-parametric model to address overdispersed count response in a longitudinal data setting with missingness Abstract
Hui Zhang
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Nonparametric Multivariate Statistical Process Control Chart Based on Change Point Model Abstract
Yafei Xu
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A Novel Method for scRNA-seq Data Precise Simulation Abstract
Guoshuai Cai, Fei Qin, Feifei Xiao
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Regularized Method for Parameters Selection in Structural Equation Model Abstract
Chengfang Zhu
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Review of Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with an Application on Teaching Evaluation Abstract
Wen Qu
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Slice Inverse Regression Algorithm Based on k-Medoids Clustering Abstract
Jiashan Tang
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A statistical analysis of Chinese stock returns Abstract
Yuancheng Si
2020 Meeting of ISDSA A Structural Equation Modeling approach to Multilevel Reliability Analysis Abstract
Laura Lu, Minju Hong, Seohyun Kim
2019 Meeting of ISDSA A Structural Equation Modeling approach to Reliability Analysis When Data Are Items Having Different Numbers of Ordered Categories Abstract
Seohyun Kim, Laura Lu, Allan Cohen
2019 Meeting of ISDSA Advances of Social Network Analysis in Psychological Sciences Abstract
Haiyan Liu
2020 Meeting of ISDSA Amending a Popular Dataset and Improving Scientific Entity Recognition with No-Schema Distant Supervision Abstract
Qingkai Zeng
2019 Meeting of ISDSA An evaluation of statistical differential analysis methods in single-cell RNA-seq data Abstract
Dongmei Li
2020 Meeting of ISDSA An improved stochastic EM algorithm for large‐scale full‐information item factor analysis Abstract
Siliang Zhang
2020 Meeting of ISDSA Analyzing the Competition Results of Team Taiwan in International Mathematical Olympiad Abstract
Chu Lan Kao
2020 Meeting of ISDSA Balancing exploratory feature selection, computational limitations, and biological knowledge in computational genetics: The data science “venn diagram” in action Abstract
Justin Luningham
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